X-Men Origins Wolverine (Score)

на моём любимом форуме GH разгорелся такой срач:


Hey This is the promotional Soundtrack; track 3 is The Virtuous Mission from MGS 3

адекватный ответ:

Uh, no. Unfortunately this is the actual score.

That track is just another sign that HGW is an idiot hack; as if you thought he couldn’t get any lower, now he’s taking crap music he wrote for a video game five years ago, and quietly dropping it into X-Men. The mind boggles. Well, actually, it doesn’t; these shitty scores are all we’re getting these days.

As for the rest of it, it’s a predictable piece of brainless crap.

It’s very telling that nobody could really tell the difference between the score and the temp track. Such is the way of life when music is as generic and soulless as it has become in 99.9999% of contemporary film scores.

mad777: Thanks for posting — I was curious about this score but certainly not prepared to pay for it; a small part of me hoped that it would continue along in a similar vein as John Powell’s work on The Last Stand — but alas it wasn’t to be…

неадекватная реплика от третьего участника (при всём уважении к OrangeC):

Danny all you do in every thread is rant and spew your stupid shit, if you don’t like it don’t download it, and its not just this thread, your always babbling on how idiotic a composer is, hey guess what? harry gregson williams doesn’t give a shit what you think. its pointless for you to be coming in here and calling him a hack.

And Lets face it, do you think a composer always decides on how to score the films? no, because the director is telling them how.

по-русски: музыка в фильме — говно (даже если она отлично ложиться на картинку, сама по себе она говно), гарри уже несколько лет — плохой композитор (см. его же саунд к MGS4), музыка почти во всех современных блокбастеров — такое же говно, как пишет гарри.

если вы не согласны — вы неадекватны, уж простите :)