Ambientium — Fractal Philosophy (2009)

Кахви выпустили релиз каких-то чешских пацанов Ambientium, рекламируют их как "talented duo" и "solar fields styled" — так себе музыка, но есть симпатичные треки. Скачать можно здесь, там же предпрослушка, начинать слушать лучше всего с третьего трека.

This album is inspired by the Cosmos and processes inside where everything is about patterns. Look at the cycles from birth to death and death to birth, consider the shapes in the nature, the atoms and solar systems, galaxies…. You will see much of self-similarity here. All these shapes and processes are beautiful, soulful and very inspiring. By exploring this beauty we can develop our souls which is one of the universal senses of life at all, I think.