Амона Тобина забанили за обложку его альбома

Без предупреждения, но по понятным причинам (пенис!), профайл Амона Тобина на facebook забанили :)

the cover image for amon tobins latest ep. a score for the feature
«taxidermia» depicts a scene from the movie in which a man shoots fire
from his penis. despite countless facebook profile images which are
genuinely designed to titillate using the female anatomy, a comedic
image of a man performing an act that is not only not erotic but
indeed not physically possible is what’s ultimately deemed ‘too hot
for facebook’.

tobin’s profile was deleted without warning and reinstatement to the
online community has been flatly denied.

our apologies to all who consequently have also been denied access to
this group. we would encourage any of you who might have opinions on
the matter to be vocal and express your views both to facebook and to
us. let us know your thoughts on amon’s own forum where thankfully
such censorship has yet to be deemed necessary.