Radiohead & Fallout 3

Один из пользователей на форуме No Mutants Allowed ( лично знаком с Томом Йорком (лидером Radiohead), поэтому уточнил у него, правда ли, что он является автором заглавного трека для  Fallout 3. Собственно, вот текст ответного письма, можете сразу читать второй абзац. Я плакалЪ.

Hey man!
How are you doing? I was totally surprised when I saw your mail in my inbox!. It’s been years since I’ve heard from you, dude! Last time I saw you, you helped me write them wicked lyrics for Kid A. Jesus. I thought you had died, to be honest. And I kinda hoped you did, because I knew you fancied my wife and I knew she fancied you, so your death was more than welcome. But now… Jesus, man, it’s good to hear from you. I still feel like I owe you one for writing those lyrics for Paranoid Android and Karma Police. Them songs helped us a lot, man. Bless you, alec. You’re an angel. YOu really are.

To answer your question: yeah, we did that lazy Fallout 3 title track. Some arsehole from Bethesda begged us to do it. He swore he would kill his cat if we didn’t, and you know how much I love animals. We caved in. Pretty much immediately. I used some crazy electro tunes we fabricated the night you visited (back in 2004), added some tribal drums by Jonny and looped all that crap in the studio. It’s not our best tune, but to be honest: we couldn’t be bothered. Jonny’s haemorrhoids were bleeding like hell at the time of recording, and we had a little gig in Ipswich, so we called it a day. In any case, the Bethesda guy was pleased. He didn’t kill his cat and he send us 10,000 pounds to buy coke and whores and booze with. Awesome. I’ll send you some of the cash, so you can have a good time as well. Are you still into women’s feet? Hah! I remember that one night when you sucked Naomi Campbell’s toes and fucked her in front of the band. That was awesome, man. That slut was begging for a time-out, yet you kept singing «I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo…». Unforgettable. Last thing I heard, they were going to do a Hollywood flick about it. You rule!

Hey, thanks for the popsicles you send for my kids. I was pretty disgusted when I saw they were shaped like male genitals, but after thinking about it, I totally understood. It’s metaphysical, ain’t it? You’re so deep, man. And you’re one in a million, alec. You’re the man. Keep in touch, and tell you’re friends at NMA they have nothing to worry about: that dude at Bethesda told me Fallout 3 would be a first person shooter with lots of blood and nudity and drugs. You guys are in for a treat. Trust me.

Thom Yorke