The Getaway: Black Monday OST

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TGBM001 12″ Etched Vinyl:
01 Diplo — Mitch Theme Remix
02 Amon Tobin — Black Monday Theme Remix

TGBM002 12″ Etched Vinyl:
01 Lotek Hi-Fi — 2 Sides (Russian Theme remix no. 2)
02 Blockhead — Shoreditch Theme remix

TGBM003 12″ Etched Vinyl:
01 Amon Tobin — Flash Forward (End Theme remix)
02 Lotek Hi-Fi — Russian Theme remix

Пресс релиз

Get in the car. Get in the car, you muppet. Get in the fackin’ car!

“The Getaway” was one of the standout console games of 2002. Made by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s London Studio, it featured a 40km2 realistic version of the streets which surrounded its creators, lashings of violence and enough cockney gangland dialogue to keep Guy Ritchie in work long after Madonna’s farewell “Zim Zimmer Frame” tour of 2025.

Now it’s back, better than ever and with a soundtrack which makes other games look pretty pallid by comparison. Which is where Ninja Tune comes in. The score for the game was created by renowned games music writers Nimrod, but London Studios wanted the soundtrack to reflect some of the vibrancy of London’s clubs and music scene, so they commissioned four artists (two from Ninja and two from hip hop sister-label Big Dada) to remix and rework the basic elements provided in the original work. Amon Tobin provided finished music for the opening and closing credits, while Blockhead, Diplo and Wayne ‘Lotek’ Bennett (of Lotek HiFi) provided loops and musical pieces for in-game play. Everything you hear in the game has been sprinkled with a little of their production magic, whether it’s the whacked out weirdness of Amon Tobin, the rude bwoy stylings of Wayne Bennett, the elegaic edginess of Blockhead, or the driving, rhythmic adrenalin buzz of Diplo.

Now, to celebrate the release of The Getaway: Black Monday and the unique musical collaboration behind it, Ninja and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe are combining to release three limited edition 12”s of mixes from the producers involved, based on their work for the game. The range which they’ve coaxed from the original source is a testament to their skills, the overall mood of edginess and incipient violence, to the source material they worked with. This is a collection of music which works in its own right. You better believe it, geezer. Jump up to get beat down… 

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