Okuniev – «Visual» LP

Okuniev is a collaboration between musicians and visual artists. David, in early 2003, embarks on a journey to create music that is unafraid to be theatrical or dramatic. The resultant sound is eclectic in its influences and compelling in its vision; the listener is transported to the centre of their imagination, the music forming pictures in the mind’s eye as all enveloping as cinema.

A few months later David met Rob, a visual artist and VJ who has the ability to give the songs the visual dimension that the music is calling for. Rob has a gift for translating music into images, with his perfectly adapted and synced motion graphic sequences. David and Rob were soon joined by Mariana a painter and vocalist from Uruguay. She is heard on many of the tracks and her paintings and ideas have been used in some of the visuals. Mariana was followed by Nat a pianist and orchestral arranger, who is now working alongside David.

Together they are Okuniev. Later this year they will complete work on their debut «Visual» LP. Every track will have its own visuals, an all-engrossing audio-visual experience.

Genre: Experimental Electronic, Rock 


01. Intro

02. 40 Winks (6.5 Mb) 

03. Bicycle Thief

04. Ripe for the Devil (9.5 Mb)

05. Help us, we are not floating

06. The Spy Who Liked Flowers

07. Candid Remarks

08. Doacego (8.5 Mb)

09. Outro


Ripe for the Devil (15 Mb)